Christmas Gift Ideas for Him|Her|Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas

As the first chilly winds of the winter season have started blowing, people have already started to prep themselves and their homes for the cold and dreary season. However, apart from being the most dreary and gloomy season of the year, it is also the most festive season with Christmas holidays filling the entire country with sheer joys and fervor’s

The best part of the Christmas celebration is the gift-giving tradition. Christmas gift-giving tradition forms the essence of this universal festival. However, buying Christmas gifts can sometimes become mentally and physically exhausting, as coming up with gift ideas is no doubt a daunting task. Everybody wants their gift to stand out from the pile and this makes it really challenging to buy the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones. However, a proven way to make your Christmas gift special and unique is to personalize it.
A personalized gift with either first name, initials, a silly nickname or a favorite photo will truly make an excellent gift that your loved one will cherish forever.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas for him

1. Engraved notebook

An engraved notebook with the user’s initials or first name is always a simple yet chic item to present. A notebook never gathers dust no matter how many you have. Plus, if you have an elegant one with your name engraved on it, it is definitely going to be your favorite.

Christmas gift ideas for her

2. Monogrammed bag

Does she travel a lot? Getting her a functional and high quality travel bag with her first name monogrammed on it is sure going to make her happy. If she likes to go for picnics on weekends, a canvas boat bag with her initials will prove highly useful for her..

3. Monogrammed serving tray

What better way is there to serve snacks and cocktails than on an elegant tray monogrammed with the family name? This will be a perfect Christmas gift idea for a loved one whose house is always brimming with guests.

4. Engraved leather wallet

An engraved leather wallet is one of the best-selling Christmas gifts. It looks extremely chic and is sure to make anyone happy. A high quality and durable leather wallet will most likely stay with your loved one for a lifetime.

Christmas gift ideas for kids

5. Engraved pen

Whether you are presenting to a high school student or your dad, an engraved pen is always a thoughtful gift to present. A pen will also prove useful for anyone you present to. It is a hit Christmas gift idea that never goes wrong.

6. Customized towels

Those cute towel sets with personal messages monogrammed on them are one of the best gift items to present. You would definitely want to receive one of these yourself too.

7. Personalized cards

Personalized or homemade cards are extremely sensual, creative, and thoughtful gifts to present. Plus, they are cheap too and you can literally get these lovely cards for each and every one on your list without breaking the bank. Just put in some thought while customizing the car and these will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s faces.

Homemade Christmas gift ideas

8. Photo throw

A photo throw is a lovely gift item to present. Gather your photos of you with the person you are presenting to and get it printed on a cozy throw.

9. Photo mug

A photo mug will give your loved one a lasting memory to cherish forever. Just find a good photo of the best moments you shared together and get it printed on a mug. It will keep that memory alive for a lifetime to come.

10. Photo keychain

Funky key chains are one of the most popularly gifted items on Christmas. Since these are inexpensively available, you can get these key chains for all your loved ones without putting a hole in your wallet. However, to make the gift unique, get a photo of one of your best memories you share printed on a keychain. It will be the best photo gift ever.

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